Rico’s Scholarship Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization that provides Students with Academic and Sports assistance to obtain scholarships to college.


  • Registration: Application Process
  • Evaluation: Assess Students needs to help get them to the next level
  • Recommendation: Guide to our services & programs that will Educate, Assist
  • and prepare them for college.

RSF 2: College Readiness and Scholarship Program

  • 6-Week Commitment
  • 2 Days per Week
  • 2 Hours Per Day
  • This program will serve to provide High School Students with the relevant
  • information and skills needed to enter college
  • This Program will be tailored to serve all students
  • Will have a focus on potential Collegiate Athletes

RSE 3: SAT & ACT Prep Program

  • 1-Hour Minimum
  • 1-2 Days Per Week
  • Program purpose is to Educate, Tutor and Prepare High School to achieve the highest scores possible when they take the SAT or ACT exam

RSE 4: Mentorship or Mentoring

  • 1-Hour Minimum
  • 1-4 Times Per Month
  • Provides Students with Leadership, Advice, Support, Hope, Courage and Experience to give them confidence to succeed and accomplish their dreams and goals


  • Individual Training for Male and Female
  • Training for/in Sports Skills Positions
  • These programs will be: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY -1- Hour Minimum
  • These programs will help Develop and give Athletes that competitive Edge and skills needed to get them to the next level

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