I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to be involved with the Rico Scholarship Foundation, the process was easy to start and more importantly, it was affordable for my Mother.

I was overwhelmed when l started searching for scholarships, and even more so with the idea of getting everything in order for college.

I had applied to the college of my choice and was anxiously awaiting the decision when met Mr.
Joseph, after meeting with him and sharing with my goals and aspirations he said he would call
FAU and check on the my status and what l would need exactly to ensure a smooth acceptance. Mr. Joseph got back to me the very next day, and l was so thankful when he told me that everything was in order.

I then received my acceptance letter to FAU two days later!!!

Mr. Joseph not only assisted me through the process, which was stressful and seemed impossible, but he quickly became someone l could rely on throughout the school year.  Being from a single parent household, not having a dad to bounce things off of and lacking that male insight and direction l have grown to value his opinion and really appreciate him taking the time to mentor me.

I hope that the Scholarship foundations, continues to grow and that more children are able to benefit from all that is offers.

It hasn’t been easy to work as hard as I have throughout my high school years, but my Mother has poured so much into myself and my brother, she strives to take care of us and will do without in order for us to have the necessities that are important, and l thank her for that. I am so thankful that her co worker gave her this card with the number to reach Mr. Joseph and she did something that she normally wouldn’t do, she called and asked questions rather that assuming that she couldn’t afford it.