Avrian Gilbert

      This success is some that is almost a dream that some will never get to experience  in their lives. I am one of few that will be able to continue in the next steps of my life with football and academics and this is one blessing that I learned to appreciate. I learned to stay humble through these ordeals because I’m not perfect and I don’t try to act perfect but what I have been through really does shape me.

As I reflect on my past and what I have been through the fact that I wasn’t supposed to be here is just amazing. With only my brother, my 2 sisters and my hard working mother we moved to Florida for a better life and an opportunity that we would’ve never gotten if we were still in Mississippi where you have to stick to everyday life. To be able to come here and after 4 years get my diploma with honors  3.28 GPA and one hell of 4 years of high school sports with lots of ups and downs but succeeding in all 4. I started as a weak new freshman coming out of Mississippi eventually not only made my own way and succeeded with greater success I excelled what people thought I would have done. With about 6-8 articles on my athletic progress in multiple sports and great attention from the media I still was sold short on where I thought I should be and late night early mornings working out in middle school every morning just to get better to make sure I was ready for high school. Now I’m getting ready for the next level while giving grace to god and everyone who was involved in this process. I am very pleased with how I have grown through the years. Now I’m popping the next new thing out changing a Wildcat culture back to what it means to be one having an outstanding senior year and great grades.

Having 10+ offers from the end of the season to narrowing them down “All eyes on me” I’m up next. I pray that the decision I make is the best possible. The possibilities are now endless success awaits it knocks at my doorstep everyday and every night. I stayed patient, stayed humble, and stayed ready now like I said it’s my turn.

I thank my mom for all she has done for me and knowing what she has sacrificed is one beautiful thing I am grateful for. I thank all my coaches, teammates and mentors along the way for always being there for me in life now. I thank RSF for all the help and guidance through the years. I’m at this stage now it’s time for me to spread my wings and fly. Forever a wildcat….forever 44…… Thank you all. I graduated and I’m going to play football in college. I’m ready for the next level.